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Multiplying Perspectives, in Practice

“Global” is a word that is now frequently referenced in art discourses, just as the call to include an international perspective increasingly has become an articulated goal for art history and institutions. Nevertheless, what constitutes a global approach remains contested. To mark the 10th anniversary of Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives (C-MAP), a self-described “global” program at...

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The Global Present

Achille Mbembe’s writings on African history and political and critical theory draw on a broad variety of disciplines, languages and intellectual traditions. His work challenges colonialism and...
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The Planetary: the Globes of Globalization and Global Warming

Is the globe of globalization the same as the globe of global warming? While environmental connections have historically been the domain of the natural sciences, the political, economic and...
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Objects in Circulation

The panel examines historical cases of the migration of images and knowledge across cultures and temporalities. Historian of architecture Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi draws attention to the static...
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Incommensurability and Untranslatability

The move to diversify art historical narratives is often accompanied by a search for commonalities. Instead addressing a need to acknowledge radical difference and untranslatability, each...
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Restitution and Return

The discussion raises contemporary questions of restitution of cultural property taken during periods of colonial expansion. Curator Sean Anderson discusses the challenges of the repatriation of...
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New York, Site of International Crossings

The session explores New York as a site of intersections of artists from around the world who have passed through or settled in the city. Writer and curator Omar Berrada introduces the Moroccan...
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Borders and the Barrier of the Skin

A key contradiction of globalization is its facilitation of the movement of goods while the movement of people is increasingly restricted. Furthering this tendency, biometric technologies have...
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Zdenka Badovinac

Zdenka Badovinac became the director of the Moderna galerija in Ljubljana during the wars for Yugoslav succession. In the two and a half decades since, she has been a powerful voice from the...