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Conceiving a Theory for Latin America: Juan Acha's Criticism

2016 is the centenary of the birth of Juan Acha (1916–1995), the Peruvian-born, Mexican-naturalized Latin American art critic. Recent developments in the field of Latin American art history have led to a resurgence of interest in Acha’s critical contributions, and post here presents newly commissioned essays as well as primary documents translated into English for the first time. This theme is...

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Juan Acha: Vanguardismo y subdesarrollo / The Avant-garde and Underdevelopment

In 1968, critic and theorist Juan Acha published the text “Vanguardia y subdesarrollo.” The critical essay is available here in the original Spanish as well as translated into English for the...
Acha arte y sociedad

“Impious Forms”: Unfinished Maps in the Work of Juan Acha

In this text, artist Maris Bustamante reminisces about the importance Juan Acha’s ideas had for her and a generation of young artists. She argues that Acha’s refreshing approach to his role as a...
Acha arte y sociedad

“Formas Pías”: Cartografías incompletas en la obra de Juan Acha

En este texto, la artista Maris Bustamante recuerda la importancia que tuvieron las ideas de Juan Acha para ella y para una generación de artistas jóvenes. Sostiene que el abordaje refrescante de...
Grobet  coloquio  juan acha

Juan Acha: Teoría y práctica no-objetualistas en América Latina / Non-Objectualist Theory and Practice in Latin America

Translated into English for the first time, this text by Latin American theorist Juan Acha was first presented at a conference at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín in 1981 and later published...

Conceptualism, Dematerialization, Arte no-objetual? Historicizing the '60s and '70s in Latin America

Reflecting on the problematic term “Latin American Conceptualism,” Harper Montgomery's text stems from a workshop at MoMA in which she and the C-MAP Latin America research group debated some of...
Lima  arte nuevo

Una guerrilla cultural: Juan Acha y la vanguardia peruana de los años sesenta

Miguel A. López, curador y escritor, da una mirada a los textos tempranos de Juan Acha, quien se consolidó como una voz crítica y vigorosa en Perú, en tiempos en que la escena artística local...
Lima  arte nuevo

Cultural Guerrilla: Juan Acha and the Peruvian Avant-Garde of the 1960s

Writer and curator Miguel A. López offers an overview of Juan Acha's early articles of the 1960s. Acha established himself as a vigorous critical voice in Peru at a time when Conceptualist...
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Juan Acha: pensar el arte desde América Latina

En este ensayo, Rita Eder revisa, desde su experiencia de primera mano, el profundo impacto del legado de Juan Acha. Su contribución al arte latinoamericano de los 70s, 80s y 90s es presentada por...
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Juan Acha: A Latin American Perspective on Art

In this essay, art historian Rita Eder reviews, from a personal and first-hand point of view, the breadth and impact of Juan Acha's critical contribution to Latin American art from the 1970s to...
Por una nueva problematica av1 1973

Juan Acha: Por una nueva problemática artística en Latinoamérica / Toward a New Artistic Problematic in Latin America

In 1973, critic and theorist Juan Acha published the text Por una nueva problemática artística en Latinoamérica in Artes Visuales. The critical essay is available here in the original Spanish as...