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Fluxus Threads in Eastern Europe

Fluxus was an art of distribution, of experimentation, and of participation. It abhorred finiteness, monumentality, and academicism, and it envisioned a creative enveloping of all aspects of life. But was Fluxus an Eastern European invention? An easy answer could be found in the fact that the movement’s self-proclaimed chairman, George Maciunas, was Lithuanian born; but more to the point, very...

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"By the way, what's Fluxus?": Jon Hendricks on the Formation of the Gilbert and Lila Silverman...

Since around 1977 when Gilbert and Lila Silverman began to develop their Fluxus Collection, Jon Hendricks has played a central role in fostering the formation of that renowned collection that...
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“Away with Pleasant Frivolity in Art!”: The Aktual Group and Its Magazine Aktualní Umêní

Aktualní umêní (Contemporary Art), a rare, hand-assembled magazine by the Czech artists’ group of the same name, began production in late 1964. In it, the newly founded group—including Milan...
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Shared Language: Interview with Jarosław Kozłowski

When in 1971 Jarosław Kozłowski sent a manifesto of NET to over 350 addresses of artists and critics around the world, his intention was to create an open network for the communication of art...