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When and Where Is China? Contemporary Chinese Art in 1993 and Beyond

This theme takes 1993 as a starting point for investigating the development and reception of contemporary Chinese art. That year, the Chinese avant-garde was the subject of a series of exhibitions held in North America, Western Europe, and Japan. About the same time, a dynamic underground art scene was burgeoning in China. The artistic energy behind this surge, though often thought to have...

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6. yang jiechang magiciens big

Action Painting is Not Calligraphy: A Conversation with Yang Jiechang

For the artist Yang Jiechang (b. 1956, Foshan), there is a certain similarity between contemporary artists and China’s Red Guards of the 1970s: namely, their performance of arbitrary tasks. In...
6. yang jiechang magiciens big

行動繪畫不是書法: 楊詰蒼訪談

"A Conversation with Yang Jiechang" is available in Chinese and English. Yang talks about his "art education" during the Cultural Revolution, when he served as a Red Guard in a small village, and...
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New Audiences, New Energy: Producing and Exhibiting Contemporary Chinese Art in 1993

Did 1993 mark a watershed for “contemporary Chinese art” in the then increasingly globalized art world? In this essay Peggy Wang discusses exhibitions of contemporary Chinese art held overseas in...

A Dialogue across Time between Zhang Xiaogang and René Magritte

I believe that painting ultimately still rests on a linguistic level, which enables us to make proper judgments regarding the proficiency and profundity of expression. In other words, what matters...
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The 1992 Guangzhou Biennial Art Fair

In the introduction to the 1992 Guangzhou Biennial Art Fair catalogue, the organizers of the event predicted that art in China would turn toward the market, that commercial investment would...
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An Artist Produced by His Company: Interview with Xu Zhen

When Xu Zhen established MadeIn Company in 2009, he announced the dissolution of his own artistic identity; later he asserted that Xu had become a corporate brand. In the six chapters of this...