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Polish Radio Experimental Studio: A Close Look

How important a role can a site play in creating and fostering artistic experimentation? The case of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio (PRES), established in Warsaw in 1957 under the auspices of Poland’s official state broadcaster, provides a fascinating insight into the importance of a site – understood equally as institution, physical space, and a circle of individuals – as a key catalyst...

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Magnetic Tape as Instrument: A Rare Selection of Electroacoustic Music from Poland

The first concert of Polish electroacoustic music, also often called “music for tape”, took place in 1960. It was as if the magnetic tape itself was the instrument. On arrival, the audience...
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Spatial Music: Design and the Polish Radio Experimental Studio

Depending on the type of recording, the whole apparatus changes like a chameleon, and the composer, changing the “qualities” of the wall, acts a bit like a sculptor and a bit like a painter. This...