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Between New York and Tokyo: Fluxus and Graphic Scores

In 1964, more than two hundred artists in a network that spanned multiple continents received a card from Shiomi Mieko, inviting them to "Write a word and place it somewhere." Shiomi’s simple instruction exemplifies the spirit of openness, simplicity, and versatility that characterized the transnational artistic networks related to Fluxus in the 1960s. “Between New York and Tokyo: Fluxus and...

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Graphic Scores: Tokyo, 1962

Graphic scores tend to have multiple identities. Simultaneously, they can be design objects, artworks, and documents silently encoded with music whose future performance can depend, at least to...
Fluxus bus 85090028

Happening for Sightseeing Bus Trip in Tokyo

Ay-O, a Japanese artist who had been part of Fluxus in New York, returned to Japan in 1966 after an eight-year absence. Having just represented Japan at the Venice Bienniale, he held a solo...
Fig 1 fujii

To the People of the 30th Century: The Lives of Shiomi Mieko’s “Endless Box”

What does it take to perform an object? Curator Fujii Aki, who performs in the 2011 video version of Endless Box presented in this essay, describes the process from a curatorial and creative...
Book  shiomispatialcover

Spatial Poems by Shiomi Mieko

By post Editors
Starting in 1965, Shiomi Mieko conducted a series of nine events that she called Spatial Poems. Each one began with an invitation to a large number of friends and colleagues to respond to a simple...
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