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Games at the cedilla

Games at the Cedilla; or the Cedilla Takes Off


Something Else Press, New York, N.Y.



A collection of writings, poems, plays, games, and correspondence culled from the notebooks of George Brecht and Robert Filliou, artists who, at the time of the book’s publication, lived in France, where they ran a storefront gallery and research space, La Cédille Qui Sourit (the Smiling Cedilla). Located in Villefranche-sur-Mer, near Nice, La Cédille Qui Sourit was a convivial collaborative space that the artists claimed handled “everything which does or does not have a cedilla in its name.” Operating on the principles of a gift economy, it presented the works and ideas of an international network of friends and collaborators and is a prime example of the collective, anti-commercial Fluxus activities of the 1960s.

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