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Fluxus east

Fluxus East: Fluxus-Netzwerke in Mittelosteuropa (Fluxus East: Fluxus Networks in Central Eastern Europe)


Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin


German, English


Published in conjunction with a series of exhibitions held between 2007 and 2010 in Berlin, Vilnius, Cracow, Budapest, Tallinn, Copenhagen, and Høvikodden (Norway), this book marks the beginning of an ongoing project initiated and led by Petra Stegmann to document and interpret Fluxus networks in Central and Eastern Europe. The project has its own website, and the book’s 11 essays discuss the artistic practices of figures such as Miklós Erdely, György Galántai, Milan Knížák, Július Koller, Jarosław Kozłowski,Vytautas Landsbergis,Tamás St. Auby, Endre Tót, Jiří Valoch, and Branko Vučićević.

This book is also included in the C-MAP Research Trip Bibliography (Romania, Lithuania, Serbia).

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