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Fluxus etc.  addenda i

Fluxus etc./Addenda I


Ink &, New York, N.Y.; The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection, Detroit, Mich.



The first of two volumes of addenda to Fluxus etc., this text was published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Neuberger Museum in 1983. It includes a transcript of an interview with George Maciunas by Larry Miller in 1978, shortly before the artist’s death, and full-page reproductions of Fluxus newsletters produced by Maciunas beginning in 1962. (The newsletters were mailed to Fluxus artists and select followers of the movement.) Like the addendum that succeeds it, this volume contains corrections and additions to the 1981 publication’s checklists of Fluxus Editions, Periodicals and Documents, and Performance Documents, and the chronology of Fluxus performances.

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