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What is fluxus  the people who connected art and the everyday

What Is Fluxus? The People Who Connected Art and the Everyday (Furukusasu towa nanika: Nichijo to ato o musubitsuketa hitobito)


Firumuātosha, Tokyo



Shiomi Mieko’s history of Fluxus from the 1960s to the present recounts the artist’s personal encounters with the collective in the United States and Japan and the influence of George Maciunas on her artistic practice. The text includes chapters on Fluxus today, the artist’s pre-Fluxus experiences, her involvement in Fluxus, challenges in Japan, 1990s Fluxus Festivals in the West, Japanese projects since the 1990s, and a closing chapter called “Beyond Genre,” on translating an idea from one medium to the next.

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