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Radicals and realists in the japanese nonverbal arts havens thomas r h 9780824830113

Radicals and Realists in the Japanese Nonverbal Arts: The Avant-Garde Rejection of Modernism


University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu



Introduction available online

Havens’s book is valuable as an introduction to artists across multiple disciplines and for its emphasis on the oral testimony of Japanese avant-garde artists—including many Fluxus artists—who were active in the 1950s and 1960s. Focusing on what the author calls “the most progressive” individuals involved in “the nonverbal arts” in postwar Japan, Havens offers a view of a changing terrain of artistic politics. The project is transnational in focus, comparative, and privileges the voices of the artists interviewed. The emphasis is very much on what is said about art rather than analysis.

This book is also included in the Experimental Music in Japan (A Short List) bibliography.

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