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Off limits  rutgers university

Off Limits: Rutgers University and the Avant-Garde, 1957–1963


The Newark Museum and Rutgers University Press, N.J.



Off Limits is the first publication to examine a group of artists who studied or worked as faculty at Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus between 1957 and 1963, rejecting Abstract Expressionism to pursue work that responded directly to their everyday, urban experiences. The book was issued on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name at the Newark Museum in 1999 and traces the emergence of Happenings and Pop Art on the campus through artists like Allan Kaprow and Roy Lichtenstein, and proto-Fluxus events and Conceptual Art by George Brecht, Geoffrey Hendricks, and Robert Watts. Off Limits includes five essays, interviews with artists, and the first publication of “Project in Multiple Dimensions,” a grant application essay written by Kaprow, Watts, and Brecht in which the artists declare their commitment to emerging technology.

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