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Teaching and learning as performing arts

Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts (Lehren und Lerne als Auffuehrungskuenste)


Gebr. Koeing, New York and Cologne


German, English

Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts is a study by the artist Robert Filliou of experimental pedagogy based on the principles of Fluxus and kindred, participatory art movements that prospered in Filliou’s era. In his introduction, Filliou writes: “The purpose of this study is to show how some of the problems inherent to teaching and learning can be solved–or at least eased–through an application of the participation techniques developed by artists in such fields as: happenings, events, action poetry, environments, visual poetry, films, street performances, non-instrumental music, games, correspondences, etc.” The publication’s design enacts the principles it discusses: the text is punctuated with blank spaces left for the reader to fill—an invitation to collaborate and co-author the book.

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