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Jefferson's birthday  postface

Jefferson's Birthday; Postface


Something Else Press, New York, N.Y.



Jefferson's Birthday; Postface contains two works by artist Dick Higgins, the seminal Fluxus artist who coined the term intermedia, bound back-to-back. Jefferson’s Birthday is a collection of Higgins’s writings, scores, and inventions produced between April 13, 1962, and April 13,1963. It includes everything he created that year, on the premise that the act of making is simply meaningful, and bad work is as worthy as the good. Postface is an essay by Higgins that investigates how the working conditions of artists of his generation shape the art they produce.

As written by Higgins on the dustcover of Postface:

“On a good day, somebody is shot, somebody is cold, somebody can’t find work, somebody doesn’t care, somebody has contempt for somebody’s hunger. The central problems of the moment are based on this fact. The question is how should or does art mirror this fact. I wrote Postface to try to help end a line of degeneration that leads directly from Wagner and Strindberg to Koch and Leroy Jones and Stockhausen. It is necessary to have an art which creates a tough, uncompromising, revolutionary mentality capable of expressing, handling, and extending scientifically the great tendencies of our times.”

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