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"It Begins in Wrocław (February 1970)"


Sympozjum plastyczne Wrocław '70


Wrocław: Ośrodek Teatru Otwartego "Kalambur," 1983




“It Begins in Wrocław (February 1970)”

 ●/ across the city, in the suburbs and gradually expanding further and further; “to be
 realized in durable media,” as provided for in the symposium rules (item 5).
1. ● / – an element of diameter X
           height X
2. / – an element of the dimensions X x X x X
    The elements should be of just the right size, neither too large nor too small.
    - ●/ they cannot be heavy.
    - ● / they shouldn’t present installation difficulties.
    - ● / they should always be the same, industrially manufactured, of the same
      material, always of the same size.

Their installation must conform strictly to the provided schema of ●/, and the places where ●/ will come into being are inviolable.
The locations where ●/ or ø appear do not mean anything, their form does not express anything.
The fact that they do not mean anything and do not express anything doesn’t exclude... The fact that ●/ appear is a consequence of their appearance in general.
The starting point – the beginning of the installation – can be any place freely selected from among those marked on the map as ● or / or ø.
When selecting the locations for ●/, one should adopt any distance between the elements that correspond closely with the distances on the map.

From the moment when the distance is determined, it is binding for the entire installation; it must not be altered however slightly under whatever pretext or for whatever reason.
Once adopted, the initial premise determines further the course of action – regardless of the terrain and the situations in which ●/ may happen to exist.
●/ should be installed regardless of the lay of the land, in a vertical position, on
 extant ground.
 Indoors, ●/ should preferably be installed on the first floor.
●/ should be affixed permanently to the ground.
The work’s basic premise is its constant direction and infinite development--progressively in all directions—that will cover areas ever more distant from the starting point.
From this moment on begins the existence of ●/ in open terrain: streets, squares, parks, neighborhoods, yards, industrial sites, sports grounds etc. as well as in buildings and other structures, institutions, public buildings and the like. In cases that are particularly unfavorable to the existence of ●/, the installation of ● / ø in the location assigned to them can be omitted.
  ●/ It begins in Wrocław.
  It could begin anywhere.
  It begins in a given area,
  but doesn’t have to end there.
  It is potentially infinite.
  It is immutable in form,
  In a situation… and constantly variable in situation.

                             Zbigniew Gostomski

Translated by Marcin Wawrzyńczak. With special thanks to Zbigniew Gostomski, Lech Stangret, and Foksal Gallery.

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Original essay: Zbigniew Gostomski, ""It Begins in Wrocław (February 1970)," Sympozjum plastyczne Wrocław '70 (Wrocław: Ośrodek Teatru Otwartego "Kalambur," 1983). The Museum of Modern Art, Library
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