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The Three-Person Animation Manifesto: Toward the Creation of New Images


Sogetsu Art Center



How often do we see someone who boldly sets out to do something completely new succeed in making only superficial changes because they are unable to break free of established thought patterns and methods? It is because of our enslavement to old ways of thinking that we live in fear of the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb.

New processes and technologies must go hand in hand with new modes of consciousness. Therein lies the path to the creation of truly new images. This is what we, the Three-Person Animation Circle, want to achieve through animation.

We have come together from separate disciplines — painting, cartooning, and design — not to create just another popular cross-media collaboration, but to transcend our own personal boundaries, to add a new dimension to our interactions by exploring different processes and modes of consciousness. For animation to evolve and stay truly contemporary, there is a need for much bolder and more varied experimentation, such as those we see today in the fields of live-action film, painting, and design.

We, the Three-Person Animation Circle, will always question convention and stand firmly on the side of innovation.

Three-Person Animation Circle Kuri Yoji Manabe Hiroshi Yanagihara Ryohei

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Sogetsu Art Center Journal 7: The Three-Person Animation Manifesto (Page 2)

Originally published in Sogetsu Art Center Journal 7, October 1960. Translated into English by Colin Smith

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