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SKC in ŠKUC: The Case of SKC in the 1970s


ŠKUC, Ljubljana




An exhibition of the same name, curated by Prelom Kolektiv, was part of a wider research initiative called “Political Practices of (Post-)Yugoslav Art.” As the members of that project reveal: “The ‘case’ of the Students’ Cultural Centre (SKC) in Belgrade reveals important traits of a general constellation of the art and politics in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). It is the characteristic of strategies after 1968 to contain, pacify and institutionalize student or youth culture as an ‘organized alternative’. Like many other student cultural centers throughout SFRY, the SKC was an official state-constituted cultural institution offering young artists and cultural workers a ‘roof over their heads’. At the same time, it was a place of avant-garde experimentation—the introduction of new technologies, new expressions, new forms of political activism and self-organization.” C-MAP Fluxus group members read this publication with particular interest before visiting the archives of SKC.

The pdf version of the catalog is available online (click “links” above).