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East art map

East Art Map: Contemporary Art and Eastern Europe


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This book is an indispensable resource for anyone researching the art of the region, and it proved very useful in the preparation of our trip. Lutz Becker’s essay “Art for an Avant-Garde Society: Belgrade in the 1970s” gives a good introduction to the city’s lively scene, especially when paired with Branislav Dimitrijević’s “A Brief Narrative of Art Events in Serbia after 1948.” Like those two texts, Elona Lubyte’s chronology of events in Lithuania between 1944 and 2000 and her biographies of the most important artists active at the time in Vilnius provide solid foundations for further investigations.

From the publisher's note:

East Art Map: Contemporary Art and Eastern Europe is an ambitious attempt to reconstruct the missing histories of contemporary art in Eastern Europe from an East European and artistic perspective. It is perhaps the widest-ranging art documentation project ever undertaken by the East on the East, involving a large network of artists, scholars, curators, and critics coordinated by the IRWIN group over several years. The editors invited eminent art critics, curators, and artists to present up to ten crucial art projects produced in their respective countries over the past fifty years. The choice of the particular artworks (many of them reproduced in color), artists, and events, as well as their presentation, was left exclusively to the individual selectors. In addition, the editors asked experts from both East and West to provide longer texts offering cross-cultural perspectives on the art of both regions.