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Brenner et al cities for people

Cities for People, Not for Profit: Critical Urban Theory and the Right to the City


Routledge, London and New York



A response to the recent economic crisis and the still-unfolding repercussions for cities everywhere, Cities for People offers an introduction to critical urban theory and issues an urgent call to shape cities “to human social needs” rather than for profit. Essays by planners, urban theorists, sociologists, and political scientists provide a broad range of interpretations of contemporary urban transformations. To borrow from David Harvey's conclusion “What is to be done? And who the hell is going to do it?,” this volume seeks to identify the practices and actors needed to rally urban alternatives. Cities for People provides a wide-angle view of the global circumstances—neoliberal restructuring, the foreclosure crisis, “creative” cities—against which architects and urbanists are rethinking built and urban environments.

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