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Sound exchange

“A History of Electroacoustic Music in Poland from the Perspective of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio 1957–1990”


Sound Exchange. Anthology of Experimental Music Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe 1950–2010. Online Resource


English, Polish, German

Sound Exchange

This online resource also features a lexicon of experimental practices employed at PRES. Far from a comprehensive presentation of issues involved in the experiment, the lexicon presents a curious and interesting constellation of sometimes discordant fragments.

Józef Patkowski, “In the Sound Laboratory,” interview with Magdalena Radziejowska

Józef Patkowski, “Perspectives in Electronic Music” (1960)

Agata Pyzik, “Warsaw Experimenters”

Eugeniusz Rudnik, “By Way of Gesture,” interview with Zuzanna Solakiewicz

Eugeniusz Rudnik, “At Work Alone,” interview with Magdalena Radziejowska

Eugeniusz Rudnik, “Light and Sound,” interview with
Tadeusz Zimecki

Krzysztof Szlifirski, “The Polish Radio Experimental Studio”

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