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“Tape never lies”


Format P #5, Warsaw


Polish, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Libera’s essay on Eugeniusz Rudnik is one of many in this special edition of the periodical Format P, titled Spoken Exhibitions: An Institutional Opera in Three Acts, which assumes the form of a libretto to a curator-led tour of a non-existent exhibition devoted to forgotten, overlooked or mythologized chapters in Polish culture of the 20th century. The exhibition materials include fictions, myths, "phantom" works and unverifiable eyewitness accounts (including Rudnik’s) related to 20th-century art, architecture and music made at PRES, among other places. Other contributors include Warsaw Museum of Modern Art curator Sebastian Cichocki and architects Grzegorz Piątek and Jarosław Trybuś, who were awarded the Golden Lion at the 2008 Architecture Biennale in Venice.

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