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Br es01 cover

PRES revisited – Józef Patkowski in memoriam


2 CDs, Bolt Records BRES 01, Warsaw, 2010


Polish, English

CD 1 features works created at PRES. Most are from the 1960s, and among them are some of the Studio’s greatest productions. CD 2 is a recording of a 2009 concert devoted to PRES at London's Cafe Oto. Electronic pieces from the Studio were turned into structured instrumental improvisations performed by John Tilbury, Eddie Prévost, and Phil Durrant, legends of improvised music, and by guitarist Maciej Sledziecki and cellist Mikolaj Palosz, Polish musicians of a younger generation. Their collaborations were framed by graphic scores based on original recording and prepared by Denis Kolokol. His attempt was to make use of the idiosyncratic instrumental language of each of the improvisers; language that owes so much to the development of electronic music. Liner notes in Polish and English by B. Błaszczyk.

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