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Hi red center

Hi-Red Center

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The Hi-Red Center was a Japanese group of installation artists founded in 1963 and active until 1964. The group's name was comprised of the first part of each founder's surname translated: 'Taka,' or "high," from Takamatsu Jiro, 'Aka,' or "red," from Akasegawa Genpei, and 'Naka,' or "center" from Nakanishi Natsuyuki. The group attempted to draw attention to their neo-Dadaist ideas through the staging of public installations and performances. In the Dairoku ji mikisa keikaku ("The Sixth Blender Plan") exhibition at the Miyata Clinic, Tokyo, for example, Nakanishi covered himself in metal clothes-pegs. The Shieruta puran ("Shelter Plan") event in the Teikoku Hotel, Tokyo, involved the creation of personalized nuclear fall-out shelters by the group's members. Hi-Red Center also produced a number of pamphlets in addition to their other activities.

(Source: Yasuyoshi Saito. "Hi-Red Center [Haireddo Senta]." Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Photo: "Hi Red Center's Dropping Event." sepia EYE.)