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Wendy woon

Wendy Woon

post Contributor Edward John Noble Foundation Deputy Director for Education The Museum of Modern Art

Wendy Woon is the Edward John Noble Foundation Deputy Director for Education at The Museum of Modern Art. She has over 27 years of award-winning experience in museum education. Trained as an artist, Woon has shaped the current Department of Education staff to include a variety of creative professionals who are committed to the important role that art can play in the lives of people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities over a lifetime. She has prioritized the cultivation of relationships between education and curatorial staff, believing that it is only through their combined knowledge of audiences and art that MoMA can achieve its founding educational mission. She has created a laboratory-like environment for MoMA’s educational initiatives and encouraged research and experimentation so that new ideas may be tested and data may inform the next stages of development. She is inspired by the history of education at the Museum. Like her predecessor Victor D’Amico, Woon believes interpreting art through the lens of the artist’s process, the means through which an artist formulates questions and explores them through his or her work, activates art by allowing people to connect with it through their own experiences and interests. Hence, a focus on production and active participation informs her leadership of MoMA’s Department of Education. Before joining MoMA, she was Director of Education at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Woon holds an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA, honors, from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.