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Foto iberia

Iberia Pérez González

post Editorial Team C-MAP Fellow for Latin America & the Caribbean Museum of Modern Art

Iberia Pérez González is a Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives (C-MAP) Fellow for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Museum of Modern Art. She holds a PhD in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex (Colchester, UK). In 2013, she was awarded the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art Award (ISLAA) to conduct doctoral research on the topic of artists' initiatives in the context of post-crisis Argentina. Her research interests include self-organizing initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, international artistic networks and exchanges, alternative art histories, art activism, and experimental contemporary practices from Latin America and the Caribbean where art and politics intersect. She has collaborated in various curatorial projects, and has worked as independent researcher and editor for Arts Collaboratory (the Hague, NL) and If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want to be Part of your Revolution (Amsterdam, NL). She has published in the field of creative arts and education; co-edited an anthology of critical theory entitled (Mis)Reading Masquerades (Revolver Publishing, 2010); and was part of the editorial committee of the journal ARARA, Art and Architecture of the Americas.