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Christian Vinck

post Contributor Artist

Christian Vinck is an artist born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 1978. For him the art of South America’s colonial period serves as a rich armature of historical narrative from which to shape new dimensions and perspectives using bold imagery and an emotionally charged technique. Vinck is a rare breed of the painter’s painter, setting a proficiency that suggests an appreciation for Goya and Philip Guston alongside a conceptual artist’s bare sensibility. Skillfully repositioning the affectations of earlier academic and so-called ethnographic art through the exacting methodology of an irreverent yet dedicated archivist, Vinck transports his viewers to landscapes in which the tragic and powerful blend quietly into the near comical. A self-taught artist under the remote tutelage of Goya, Paul Cézanne, Cándido López, Armando Reverón, Bárbaro Rivas, José Gil de Castro, and others, Vinck Henriquez has exhibited widely throughout South America; his work can be found in the Colección Cisneros, Caracas, and the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin.