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Foto simon hosie

Simón Hosie

post Contributor Architect and Artist

Simón Hosie Samper (b. 1975) is an architect and artist. His architectural endeavours stem from intensive work with underprivileged communities. His projects connect art, architecture, social work and policy making to produce environments specifically designed for their context that act as catalysts for change. He was the youngest architect to ever be awarded the highest prize at the Colombian Architecture Bienal in 2004 in recognition of his project “Biblioteca Pública La Casa del Pueblo, Guanacas, Cauca”. Most recently, he has been developing “Planos Vivos”, an innovative research methodology and digital platform used to gather complex data and quantitative information about communities in an effort to better understand their most immediate problems and to propose structural solutions. In the past, Hosie has worked as a professor of architecture, and founder and editor of the magazine + Arquitectura.