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Jorge Schwartz

post Contributor Director Museum Lasar Segall, Sao Paulo.

Jorge Schwartz directs the Museum Lasar Segall in Sâo Paulo since 2008. He holds a Master of Arts in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, and a Ph.D in Literary Theory from the University of São Paulo. He is the author of Latin American Vanguards (Sâo Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 2013), Borges in Brazil (Sâo Paulo: UNESP, 2001), and Homenaje a Girondo (Buenos Aires: Corregidor, 1987). He curated the exhibtions Da Antropofagia a Brasília (IVAM, 2000 and FAAP, 2002); Horacio Coppola (Instituto Moreira Salles and Telefónica, Madrid, 2010); Grete Stern: Dreams (2009); and Occupation Photographer: Hildegard Rosenthal, Horacio Coppola (2010) at the Museum Lasar Segall.