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Keio University Art Center

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The Keio University Art Center was established in 1993 as a research appendage to the university. The center is allied with no particular academic trend or philosophical or theoretical system, but rather seeks to understand the role of artistic activities in the current society from a standpoint that synthesizes results from various academic fields—that is, from a cross-disciplinary standpoint that takes into account the various characteristics of different parts of the university. To that end, we are engaged in a broad array of theoretical studies and practical activities.

As is clear from a look at our everyday lives, there has never been a time when there has been such a multiplication of information forms and such a marked transformation in the sensitivity and value of information. Opposed or contradictory ideas and practices exist side by side, and the number of times that these opposed or contradictory ideas fuse with each other is far greater than we would ever suspect in our daily consciousness.

The center is not bound by the hitherto existing narrow framework of the academy, but pursues the possibility of expressive activities and the creation of cultural and artistic sensitivities appropriate to this multivaried and multivalued age. Our goal is to make a contribution to the creation of a lively cultural environment.