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Eavigo foto

Edgardo Antonio Vigo

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Edgardo Antonio Vigo was born December 28, 1928, in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the beginning of the 1950s he went to the High School of Fine Arts at the University of La Plata. In 1953 he had a scholarship in France, where he came into contact with the international art scene. In 1961 he founded “Diagonal Zero” publications, he therewith prepared his exchange within the Mail Art movement. In 1969 he organized the “International Exhibition of New Poetry” at the renowned institute Di Tella in Buenos Aires.

From 1976 on he fought the military regime in his country with means of art and poetry. Vigo’s son Palomo is one of the thousands in his country who disappeared without a trace. Edgardo Antonio Vigo worked with Graciela Gutierrez Marx.

He died on November 4, 1997, in his hometown La Plata.

Source: Mail Artists Index http://mailartists.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/edgardo-antonio-vigo/