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Shigeko kubota cropped

Shigeko Kubota

post Contributor Artist

Kubota Shigeko brings a singular sensibility to her extensive body of video sculptures, multi-media installations, and single-channel videos. Over her five-decade career, Kubota has forged a lyrical confluence of the personal and the technological, often merging vibrant electronic processing techniques with images and objects of nature, art and everyday life. Her distinctive fusions of the organic, the art historical, and the electronic are at once poetic and witty. An active participant in the international Fluxus art movement in the 1960s, Kubota was strongly influenced by the art and theories of Marcel Duchamp and John Cage. Focusing on several, often interconnected themes, her works include installations that pay direct homage to Duchampian ideas and icons, those that reference Japanese spiritual traditions of nature and landscape, particularly water and mountains, and an ongoing diaristic project of chronicling her personal life on video.

(Source: "Shigeko Kubota." Electronic Arts Intermix, Electronic Arts Intermix. Photo: "Shigeko Kubota." Tout-fait. Art Science Research Library.)