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This discussion is in response to:
Expressions without Freedom: Korean Experimental Art in the 1960s and 1970s

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Diversity and repression spawn creativity

I have always been one to believe that the more pressure is added to a situation or mechanism the better or more extreme the result will be.

The same goes for varying art styles. There's no doubt that repressing people's feelings, emotions, freedoms often results in extraordinary reactions and responses. Never have I seen the effect where these emotions and the creativity is squashed or in some way subverted. A strong avante-garde movement began after the Korean War. Not a coincidence, more of a result. Pressures that build up through an event such as that I would expect to have (at least) an equal but opposite reaction. Korean experimental art laid the base for self expression during this time period. The first appearance of objets in the late 60's were driven from the volatile time period preceding but was also met with difficulties while coming into their own.

I'm not looking to justify violence and such repression but we can recognize that results can certainly more than make up for the strife represented.

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Diversity and repression spawn creativity

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