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De la reforma a la contrareforma lf 097

Picturing Cuba

Sarah Meister, Curator of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art, explores photography's capacity to represent temporal dislocations during the C-MAP Latin America research group's trip to...

Toward a Museum of Incommensurables

How does art history deal with the radical diversity of objects it encompasses? This text proposes that the acknowledgment of radical difference is not just the purview of artworks produced...
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Magazines As Sites of Intersection: A New Look at the BAUHAUS and VKhUTEMAS

The Vkhutemas school in Moscow has often been termed the "Soviet Bauhaus" due to its temporal and pedagogical proximity to its more famous German counterpoint. This essay argues, however, that the...
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Conversation: Dmitry Vilensky with Ksenia Nouril

A major new publication, Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical Anthology, presents key voices of this period that have been reevaluating the significance of the...