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Claus 354.1980.10

Interview: Brigitta Milde in Conversation with Lynn Rother on Carlfriedrich Claus

Carlfriedrich Claus is one of few artists who worked in East Germany that has work in MoMA's collection. A portfolio of ten prints, together called Aurora, was acquired in 1980, just a few years...
Screen shot 2018 12 05 at 10.23.04 am

Universalizing and Activating: Nalini Malani in the Words of Mieke Bal

Cultural theorist Mieke Bal discusses her writing devoted to Nalini Malani's Shadow Plays, multi-dimensional artworks that draw from different cinematic technologies and disparate repositories of...
List 29 screen

Who Is Shooting Over There: Slobodan Šijan's Fanzine Film Leaflet (1976–79)

Aleksandar Bošković traces the Hollywood references and self-referential play in filmmaker Slobodan Šijan’s paracinematic Film Leaflet. The full set of Leaflets was recently acquired by The Museum...
Mirtha dermisache. sin ti%e2%95%a0%c3%bctulo. carta  1971. cortesi%e2%95%a0%c3%bca archivo mirtha dermisache (amd)

Sobre el lenguaje y sus límites. Las escrituras ilegibles de Mirtha Dermisache

En este texto, Fernando Bruno analiza la relación entre pintura y escritura en la obra de la artista argentina Mirtha Dermisache a finales de los sesenta y setenta, examinando el modo particular...