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Subversive Embodiment in Authoritarian Times: Paz Errázuriz’s Archive of Sex and Gender Dissidence

Paz Errázuriz’s photographic oeuvre coincided with that of a group of artists working in the late 1970s and ’80s in Chile who dedicated themselves to an "aesthetic of the margins". Drawing on...
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Vkhutemas + Bauhaus: On Common Origins, Different Futures, and Creation with Fire

In the wake of the First World War, two interdisciplinary art schools with similar values were established in Germany and in the Soviet Union: the Bauhaus (1919–33) in Weimar and Vkhutemas (1920–...
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Mechanical Reproduction from Premise to Press

In this essay, MoMA librarian Jennifer Tobias takes a recent trip to the Paper Conservation Lab as a jumping off point to explore the ins and outs of mechanical reproduction in the 1920s....
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The Unhappy Ambiguity of Clemente Padín: Politics and Polysemy in Latin American Mail Art

In this essay, Michaëla de Lacaze engages in a close reading of Happy Bicentennial (1976), one of the most radical pieces of mail art created by artist and poet Clemente Padín during the Uruguayan...