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Conversation: Dmitry Vilensky with Ksenia Nouril

A major new publication, Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical Anthology, presents key voices of this period that have been reevaluating the significance of the...
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"Kingelez Visionnaire"

The sculptures of Congolese artist Bodys Isek Kingelez (1948-2015) offer a vision of a future modernity that is beautiful, harmonious, and functional. This essay traces the artist's career from...
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When Jean Arp’s Form Met Communist Function in a GDR Motorcycle

Karl Clauss Dietel conceived a motorcycle in the GDR in 1967. As a result of its flexible design principles, it still runs today.
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Restaging Disappearance: The Missing Archives of Studios Korda

As part of the current research focus on the Caribbean region, the C-MAP Latin America group traveled to Cuba in May 2018. Reflecting on an installation of recently recovered photographic material...