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Underground Publishing in the Last Decade of East Germany

This essay is a rare glimpse into the alternative publications of East Germany in the 1980s. Through an overview of the magazines of the period, and a close reading of various images,...
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Sudhir Patwardhan in Conversation with Prajna Desai

The Indian artist Sudhir Patwardhan is chiefly a painter in the realist tradition moving between images of the city, inhabitants, and milieu. Along with bodies and buildings, his traverse charts...
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Tea Is Coffee, Coffee Is Tea: Freedom in a Closed Room

In this sardonic text, acclaimed Syrian filmmaker Ossama Mohammed bitingly describes the conditions of filmmaking under the Ba'athist regime in Syria. Under strict control of the National Film...

A Look at the Czech and Slovak Avant-Garde within the Frame of the Bauhaus Network

2019 marks the centenary of the Bauhaus, which, during its short existence, became one of the most influential art institutions in Europe. Its active members constituted an international network...