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Sogetsu Art Center

Sites, Networks, and Individuals, Past and Present

By Doryun Chong

A veritable epicenter of avant-garde artistic experimentation in Tokyo in the 1960s, the Sogetsu Art Center was a remarkable phenomenon that remains understudied. From its inception, the Center’s theater, housed in a building in Tokyo’s Akasaka district designed by the leading architect Tange Kenzo, hosted an exciting,...

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A Very Brief History of the Sogetsu Art Center

The Sogetsu Art Center (SAC) in Tokyo was a major hub for avant-garde activities between 1958 and 1971, a period of concentrated energy for the experimental arts in Japan.

Primary Documents from 1960s Japan

By Multiple Authors
Drawn primarily from the SAC journal published at the Sogetsu Art Center, this growing list presents original source documents in Japanese along with English translations. They offer insight into...

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