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Sugarcane, Fidel Castro, and Performance Art in Cuba: Tania Bruguera’s Untitled (Havana 2000)

Cuban artist Tania Bruguera uses performance as a means to interrogate relations of power and control, particularly in regards to the history of Cuba. Untitled (Havana 2000), a pivotal work in...

5 Questions with Sabih Ahmed

This interview featuring Asia Art Archive (AAA) Senior Researcher Sabih Ahmed is part of post's new theme Challenging the Global: C-MAP Experts Respond to 5 Questions. Here, Ahmed shares his...

Part 1: "The Anonymous Rule: Joaquín Torres-García, the Schematic Impulse, and Arcadian Modernity"

Curator Luis Pérez-Oramas considers the roots of the classicizing and modernist impulses in the work of Joaquín Torres-García. The essay examines a driving paradox of the artist's work--the will...

Performing for the Camera in Central and Eastern Europe

Photography provided a guaranteed witness to the burgeoning genre of performance art in the 1960s, when restrictions in Socialist societies sometimes created a far different relationship between...