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Shinohara Ushio’s Dialogue with American Art: From Imitation Art to Pop Ukiyo-e

“American art that lost its glory” was the way Shinohara Ushio summed up Twenty Years of American Painting, an exhibition sent to Tokyo by New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1966. Just two years...

Lost in Translation? “Twenty Questions to Bob Rauschenberg”

Was Robert Rauschenberg’s 1964 visit to Tokyo a case of cultural exchange or of cross-cultural discommunication? The question is central to this account of Gold Standard, a “combine” that...

A Decade in Art: Dora Maurer in the 1970s

Since completing her studies in printmaking in Budapest in the late 1950s, Dora Maurer has emerged as one of Eastern Europe’s most rigorously experimental artists of the past fifty years. Her work...