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Part 1: “Art Has No Borders”: Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange

The Rauschenberg Overseas Cultural Initiative (ROCI) was a large-scale international traveling exhibition organized by American artist Robert Rauschenberg that doubled as a cultural exchange...
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5 Questions with Santiago Rueda

In this 5 Questions interview, independent curator and contemporary art researcher Santiago Rueda discusses the importance of understanding local art histories in Colombia and broader artistic...
Cover kidnappening

A Hostage Situation at the Museum of Modern Art: Marta Minujín's 1973 Kidnappening

Experimenting with ideas of disruption, participation, community, and institutional critique, Argentine artist Marta Minujín blindfolded and "kidnapped" fifteen audience members as part of...
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Reluctantly Global: "Fifty Years of Modern Art" at the 1958 Brussels Expo

When the Brussels Expo presented the exhibition Fifty Years of Modern Art in 1958, it unintentionally pioneered a more broadly global view of modern art, although not without some friction. This...