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Sound Is Merely a Result: Interview with Tone Yasunao, 2

In the second half of an extended interview with Tone Yasunao for post, the composer, artist, and writer discusses the trajectory of his work from graphic scores in the 1960s to his recent work...

Invisible New York

Governed by a unique “Right to Shelter” mandate, New York is distinct from other municipalities across the U.S. in its legal provisions for temporary housing assistance. While this constitutional...

Big Tail Elephants: Liang Juhui, Xu Tan, Chen Shaoxiong, and Me

Big Tail Elephant was a four-member artists’ collective active in Guangzhou, China, from 1991 to 1998, the first such group in South China to employ multimedia art forms, photography, performance,...


“ ‘大尾象’ 这个词就象西方古代哲学家对自然的最终解释是上帝这个词。这是一种理念起作用,而不是某一个具体的人。”——林一林 This is a transcript of a meeting of the Big Tail Elephant Group that took place in 1993. Read the English translation here.