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Rachel Price on Waldemar Cordeiro's Computer Art

On March 15, 2018, Rachel Price, Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University, visited MoMA to discuss the work of Waldemar Cordeiro, whose computer output...
Ch2014.880 lygiaclark vw1 full jpeg

Part 2: Lygia Clark: If You Hold a Stone

Through Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso to ancient Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder, scholar Luis Pérez-Oramas outlines and contextualizes Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s vast body of work. Part...
Fig 5 em 1940 composition hi res

Identity and Abstraction: Ernest Mancoba in London and Paris, 1938-1940

In 1939, the South African artist Ernest Mancoba turned toward abstraction for the first time. Although this artistic development has been associated with Mancoba's relationship to the CoBrA...
Gertrudes altschul  filigrana  1952

Gertrudes Altschul: an Adopted Brazilian Photographer in São Paulo

This essay considers the condition of Gertrudes Altschul as a German exile who developed a notable photographic practice after settling in Brazil in 1940. Altschul participated in the Foto Cine...