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Eugenio Dittborn: From the 1970s to the Present

Renowned Chilean art critic, Adriana Valdés, visited MoMA to talk about the works of Eugenio Dittborn. During her visit, she not only thoroughly discussed the importance and semantic weight of...

A Walk Through Prague with Jiří Kovanda

One of the most respected Czech artists in recent times, Jiří Kovanda created actions and installations in Prague’s public spaces in the mid-1970s and early ’80s. Self-taught, he was one of the...

Book Washer, Shaman, and Bug Keeper: A Conversation with Huang Yong Ping, Part II

“Because I am alive, I work,” says Huang Yong Ping, who has not stopped challenging the notion of art since 1986, when he and some fellow artists, who made up what is now known as the "Xiamen Dada...