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5 Questions with Ana María Reyes

Art historian Ana María Reyes discusses the importance of reception and institutional framing in understanding works of art and identifies key moments of Colombian art history that require further...
Stilinovic hairdressers cover

Artist Books by Mladen Stilinović

In this Artist Practice focused on the late Mladen Stilinović (1947-2016), art historian Amy Bryzgel highlights four of his artist books. Part of the MoMA Library's collection, they previously...
Otero 6

Alejandro Otero’s Colorhythms

Colorhythms, a group of works by Venezuelan artist Alejandro Otero made in the 1940s and 1950s, are vertical or horizontal rectangular paintings that unfold in countless serial compositional...
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5 Questions with Karin Zitzewitz

This 5 Questions interview features Karin Zitzewitz, Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Culture at Michigan State University. Zitzewitz discusses significant impulses and influences on...