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Margarita Tupitsyn Looks Back: Thoughts on Global Conceptualism

In this segment of the theme “Global Conceptualism Reconsidered,” the curators of the exhibition Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin, 1950s–1980s reflect upon their experiences organizing the...

Chen Zhen’s Personal Art Conservator: An Interview with Xu Min

Chen Zhen’s death in 2000 did not stop his art from living on, thanks to the hard work of Xu Min—Chen Zhen’s widow, who continues to organize his solo shows and also to restore his artworks. Xu...

An Interested Observer: Interview with Branko Vučićević

“My work is very modest,” wrote Branko Vučićević in 1966, in response to George Maciunas’s invitation to participate in Fluxus projects. “It consists of actions performed in everyday life, which...