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5 Questions with María Clara Bernal

In this interview, art historian María Clara Bernal discusses the necessary work of negotiating context and difference in art history, the importance of Conceptual art and Land art for the...
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Part 1: Lygia Clark: At the Border of Art

Curator Christine Macel traces the connections between Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s fascination with psychoanalysis and subsequent exploration of the body and mind in art. Part one of this essay...
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5 Questions with Ashish Rajadhyaksha

This 5 Questions interview features film historian and curator Ashish Rajadhyaksha discussing the need for a canon, the year 1971, cracks in the bastion of the nation(al), the belated effects of...
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5 Questions with Simón Hosie

Architect and artist Simón Hosie reflects on the changing dynamics of architecture in Colombia today, focusing on qualities such as context, the human element, and sustainability. Hosie emphasizes...