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Music for Film from Polish Radio Experimental Studio

In addition to autonomous pieces of music, the Experimental Studio at the Polish Radio in Warsaw produced incidental music for radio broadcasts and soundtracks for movies and TV. In fact, this...

"I didn't invent the map." A conversation with Anna Bella Geiger

In this interview, the artist Anna Bella Geiger explores the development of her production from early neo-figuration and her ‘visceral’ works, to more experimental tendencies from the late 1960s...

Tokyo Memories of Rauschenberg

By Multiple Authors
These two texts, one by a well-known artist, the other by an eminent critic—both Tokyoites—, first appeared in Japanese in 1963 and 1968, respectively. Each provides a colorful account of...

What Is Chino? Memories and Imaginaries of Asian Latin America

Eight years ago I was told the story of two Chinese coolies who had escaped to the Peruvian Amazon, founded a village called El Chino, which means “The Chinese,” and begun a small tapioca business...